ROTARY youth exchange

Rotary's youth program provides participants with memories and knowledge for life. Through these programs, young people can receive scholarships, travel on cultural exchanges or help a community by participating in a service project.

RYE Chair D2360: Ulla Lindberg, Borås Viskan Rotary Club

one-year exchange

For you who are 15-17 years old and want to study abroad during a school year and at the same time live in different families. The one-year exchange also means that your family in Sweden receives a foreign youth. Rotary stands as a guarantor that the exchange will be good, e.g. through local Rotary clubs and their specially designated contact persons. Application no later than October the year before. Later applications can be accepted.

summer camp

For those aged 15-24 who want to attend one of Rotary's camps around Europe. Choose from different camps with themes such as music, sports and culture. Application no later than 15 January of the same year.

summer exchange 

For those who are 15-18 years old and who want to go abroad for a few summer weeks. Like-minded young people are matched together to live for the same length of time with each other's families in Sweden and abroad, and thus have the opportunity to experience a new culture, meet new friends and practice languages . Application no later than 31 December the year before.


georgia scholarship

For one year of post-secondary education in the state of Georgia, USA. The scholarship includes tuition fees, teaching materials, board and lodging on campus as well as a small expense allowance. Applicants must be 18-24 years old when the academic year begins on 1 August. Application no later than 15 August of the year before the current academic year.